The Irish Goodbye


GoodbyeAlthough I am not Irish, there is something about the “Irish Goodbye” that appeals to me.  No one knows where the saying “Irish Goodbye” comes from, but it is in reference to leaving without saying goodbye. Regardless of where the saying comes from, the thought of sneaking out quietly has always appealed to me.

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Death & Taxes

Death and Taxes

This week marked the end of the 2015 tax season and unless you filed an extension you have paid your taxes for the year.  Taxes are just a part of living in a civilized world. If you want things like schools, roads, and public infrastructure then taxes are a just part of life. Continue reading

Happy Re-New Year


Happy New Year! It is my prayer that you would have a blessed 2016.  As I was thinking about something to write about I was drawn to America’s fascination with transforming our lives.  You don’t have to look far to see that we love transformation.  There are countless television shows that highlight home remodeling, car restoration, and personal transformation.  Even some that focus on being a better parent, cook, or person. Continue reading